Why you wearing that mask fool ?


If wearing a mask cuts down on the transmission of the coronavirus from one person to another, I wonder why more people don't wear them. Seems our government would require them for every citizen. No questions asked. 

   I was out today for a while.  I had to go shopping and in the store there were very few people in masks.  

  When this virus first started my mother told me to act as if you already had the virus and that way you probably won't get it. She said, “Her mother had lived through the plague before and the way to keep from getting it is to act like you already got it.”  I gave that some thought and I asked myself if I already had the virus would I wear a mask? .Since this virus they say is asymptomatic.  

  Another thing I noticed is that when I wear the mask it's hard to touch my face. I've heard that we humans touch our face 200 times a day but if you have on a mask you can't touch your face, nose or mouth. It's like another layer of protection from spreading the virus . I've heard it said that by wearing a mask and using social distance and hand washing we are 80% less likely to spread the virus.  That's some pretty good odds.80% in my favor, I'd like to have those odds everyday. 

   I think one of the reasons more people don't wear a mask of some kind is because they don't understand.Or maybe they just don't give a damn. Giving up. Too bad. Too sad 

Do you wear a mask out in public ?

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