Why they call me the $6 million Dollar Bluesman 

  When I say $6 Million Man, I'm referring to a TV show that ran when I was in high school. My dad loved the show. We would watch it together. It was a show about a man who had been injured in some type of NASA experiment. He received bionic eyes and bionic legs and arms. You might have seen the show.

   It ran for several years. My dad and I used to love watching it. He could run 60 miles an hour. And he had bionic eyes that he could see like a zoom lens. He could zoom in on things. It was a cool storyline and lots of fun. 

  But the reason I call myself the $6 million Blues man is for a different reason. It's because I wish I had bionic vision. So I could zoom in on some things.. 

  One day while playing music on the street a man approached me and asked me to play a house party for him in Memphis, Tennessee. He offered me good pay in crypto dollars. I wasn't interested. This was back in 2009. I thought the whole thing was a joke. Like an Okey doke skam. I was afraid of the guy. But we began to talk. We became friends . I found his conversation interesting. He was also a musician.

       He told me about his mother and father being millionaires living on a yacht. He told me about how they got him involved in crypto. He had lots of different coins. He would name all the different coins that he owned. And he offered to pay me in crypto to do a party for him. $600 crypto dollars . I wasn't interested. I told him Homie don't play that shit. Give me some big head hundreds. Don't bring me no game. I told him if the cryto are good, take them to the bank and cash it out. Bring me the Big Head hundreds back. 

 That's what he did. He paid me well. I went ahead and played the party. It's the best house concert I've ever played. I walked out of his house with close to $1,200 including my tips and merch. I learned a lot from dealing with him. 

   But the biggest thing I learned from dealing with him was that having a closed mind is expensive. As the years went past, I began to hear people talking about that crypto. And how those coins had gone up in value. Some of them had gone up to $50- $100 but when he offered them to me, they were just $1 or $2 .

  They'd gotten up to $100 now 1000s of dollars over the years. So one day I heard they were up to $5,000. I was shocked. I was like, You mean each one? Yes, each one was worth $5000 Then it went higher. But it still hadn't hit me what was happening.

  Then one day, I sat back with pen and paper and figured out what had happened. I had lost a $6 million opportunity. 

  He actually tried to get me involved. He tried several times to get me to take the crypto and to learn about it. But my mind was closed. I couldn't see it. I didn't have bionic eyes. I wasn't able to look to the future and because of that, I turned down one hell of an opportunity. 

  Sometimes I think about the difference that would have made for my life. The difference that just owning something worth $6 million could have made for me, But I can't miss what I can't measure. 

  But it did open my eyes to the fact that a closed mind can be expensive .Needless to say the next time I saw a crypto opportunity I looked at it in a different light. 

  The next time I heard a crypto opportunity it was in reference to fan tokens. I overheard some men online have a discussion about how social tokens would take the power back from web2 and move into web3. How social tokens would bridge the gap between a fan and creators over the internet, how it can bridge the relationship and put the value back between the artist creators and their fans. 

   I've been live streaming online for several years, and I have met thousands of people over that time. I would love to have had a deeper relationship with my fans. Social tokens are one way to bring that relationship closer. So of course, I was interested, especially after passing on that first crypto opportunity.

  I contacted three different companies. Before I could find one to accept me. At that time I had over 100,000 followers on social media. Finally I found a company called Try Roll who was willing to administer a coin for me. My token is named BVIP tokens.

  They minted 10 million coins. Those coins are not worth anything. I laugh every time someone asks me how much are the coins worth? I'll tell them they're not worth the shit. And I smile. Imagine getting them when they are fresh with no value ! That's the beautiful thing.

   I can offer some to you right now. If you've read this far you deserve some . You are a fan of mine . If you're ready to get involved in crypto. Setting up an account is easy and FREE right now .Thank you for being a fan and friend . Claim some tokens here .You got bionic eyes ?



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