I been Thinking too small

  Men shop funny. Most men I know go to the store and go exactly to what they're looking for. We go straight to the item. I don't know how that translates over to the internet, but I bet it does. Seems men would enjoy shopping with the thumb, scrolling up the page to find exactly what they're looking for. 

    When I started working on my Amazon storefront. I had no idea how big Amazon was. I was just hosting T-shirts there. I've been selling T-shirts on Amazon for three or four years. The reason I decided to do it was it just makes sense for me to let them print them . I thought I'd try the print on demand style. And it worked fine. Of course there's not as much money in it but at least it gets my name out.  

  When I was presented the opportunity to become an Amazon influencer. I began to spend more time on the Amazon website and was amazed at how big the selection they have. There are thousands and thousands of items that ordinarily you would never see. And lots of these are unusual items. It's a cool marketplace.  

  I was thinking too small. When I decided to open my Amazon storefront I was thinking about specializing in musical instruments. But yesterday I woke up with the thought that I was thinking too small, I need to open a friggin mall. Because the opportunity is there to do so. Just think bigger and think of all the things that my fans and friends could use. I am planning to use Tik Tok as my primary marketing vehicle. And the other night I checked out how diverse the audience was.  

  I asked my TikTok audience how old they were and where they live,  the audience was so diverse. I couldn't imagine that they would all have an interest in musical instruments. I can offer a much wider selection on Amazon. And plus I can change it at any time. So it just makes sense to offer more.  

  So that's what I'm working on today. I've changed the idea from opening a store into open in the Blues Mall and having lots of things there. For a variety of different people. I'm having fun playing with it. Drop by and check out the Blues Mall. Let me know what you think.

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