Pro Tools vs Reaper vs the Blues ,And the winner is ?


Good Morning Blues world . I woke up with this on my mind .  I've heard Pro Tools recording and I've also heard Reaper recordings. I can't tell the difference. 

I was volunteering my services as an artist at the Calhoun community college and the students there are taught to use both. Most of the instruction is on Pro Tools. But many of the students recommend and already use Reaper.  

I was just a volunteer for them to learn their recording skills, and at the same time occasionally they got a good recording for me. Here's a link to a recording that was done over at the college.  

  I asked the instructor and some of the students what was a good starting point for a person like me to start learning audio engineering DAW and recording myself. They recommended Reaper. Many of the Reaper reviews are saying that it is complicated. My experience with it once you get the basics it's pretty straightforward. And the basics is really what I need the type of music that I do.  

  Blues, Southern Soul and occasionally some light jazz is not that complicated. I really don't need a lot of plugins. I don't see why I would use them. I don't think I lose much by getting with Reaper. Right now I'm not shipping my songs out for collaboration or other mixing and things like that. I'm doing it all by myself at home. So I can't see how running Pro Tools would benefit me. And plus it's more expensive. Reaper was only like $60. As far as I know this for lifetime or longtime Pro Tools can be hundreds of dollars if not 1000s.  

  I've had Reaper now for a while. And I'm still learning. I don't use it regularly but I'm pulling it out now. I've got some projects in mind and I believe I can do most of the work myself rather than going out to be recorded. So let's get busy with Reaper. What do you think ?

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