Let's Get back to the Music


  Being an independent artist can be a bitch sometimes. Not having a record company, or anyone to back you or having assistance with different projects can be a bitch. Having to do so many things yourself is challenging but it brings out the creativity in an artist. 

   The future is coming regardless of what we think there will be a future so we need to get back to the music. I've been busy lately, working on my new Amazon store, working on social tokens, working on different ways to monetize my music.  I know that music is just going to be a small part of my enterprise. 

   I noticed lots of artists beginning to do endorsements for different companies and coming out with their own lines of clothing, and any other way they can in order to supplement their music, money. I'm no different. I'm doing all the things that I can as an independent.  

   The pandemic has taught us all a lot. One thing it taught me was that a live performance is a valuable thing. It's a premium. And when handled well. It should be worth something. A live show, especially a blues show is a treasured moment. And I think people are going to be ready for live shows when they do come back.  

    We have to focus on the bottom line. And the bottom line is can you make a living with your music? As challenging as it might be? I'm sure some can and some do. Most blues artists are struggling and trying to make it, it's always been that way. But I believe it's possible to organize your fan base and make a sustainable living as an independent blues artist. Again it does take some work. It takes coordinating all the elements and pulling a lot of things together.  

  Nowadays the attention span is short. Online and offline. People have things on their mind. And they're moving forward and gaining bits of information from places they go. To hold a minute of someone's time or even 30 seconds of someone's time is asking for a lot nowadays.  

   I say the landscape is changing in the music industry. In fact, it's already changed but it changed for the better. I believe artists are looking for a way out of the streaming paradox because they're not making the money and it's not working out. They're not selling the amount of records and things that they need.  

  The record sales account for only 25 to 30% of the income coming into that record company, even if they're their own record company. Being independent  is definitely a challenge. It stretches your creativity in many directions. 

   But the most important thing that we have to do is run back to the music. That's where we need to get back to the music. Let's Go !

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