Does anybody give a Damn anymore ?


 Good Morning Blues people . I don't know where to start today. Marvin Gaye had a song years ago called what's going on. And this song is so relevant everyday, when I wake up I ask that question: What's going on in the world today?  What the hell is anybody interested in? 

    If I were to write about music, family, would they really care? What about religion? I mean, is it the time to write about that? It can be so challenging to be creative and express yourself. I ask myself if anybody is really gonna give a shit . I don't see how they could. What's important to people anymore. 

   Maybe it's the media from this pandemic. I mean, having more time to be connected with social media, wanting to stay connected with the community to find out what's going on and what's happening in the city. What the COVID numbers are in my state or my hometown, or watching the obituaries to see who all died in your community. 

   It can be a challenge to slow down and still your mind in order to focus on something. It takes some doing to concentrate. Whether it's the virus or health and safety issues. There's got to be something going on to attract your attention.  


  When I turn to social media, I see so much hatred, racial division, stupid shit, shit, that makes no sense. Why? Maybe we have too much time to think. 

   It's challenging to decide what to write about. It's challenging because we're bombarded by so much bullshit on every front. But then again, let's just write about that. Have a great day. 

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