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Big ass Wind mills everywhere in the cotton field ! 


 Yep, you heard me right. Of all the things you'd expect to see in these parts, windmills weren’t even on my mind. But here they are, standing tall, changing the landscape. Ain't this some shit !

  Back in the day, this land was all about cotton fields. You'd see folks working hard, picking cotton and chopping under the Delta sun. But times have changed, and now, machines do most of the farming. And just when you thought technology had done its thing, along come these big ass wind turbines, like something out of a sci-fi movie. I reckon the farmers have found themselves a new crop—Big ass windmills sprouting up like corn .

  These wind turbines are a sight to behold. Every time I’m driving down Highway 61 from Memphis to Clarksdale, I can’t help but marvel at them. They’re so big , they make you do a double-take. It’s like the Delta got itself a set of blues  guardians, waving their arms in the wind.

   Every time I head down this highway, there are more and more of these things. They’re multiplying like rabbits! I guess energy technology is making its way to the Delta in a big way. These things are supposed to generate a lot of power and money, Maybe they’ll help these poor folks around here with their utility bills.

  I hope these wind turbines bring some good to the Delta. It’s amazing to see how the land is adapting and changing with the times. Who knew that the same fields that once grew cotton could now harness the wind?

So next time you’re cruising down Highway 61, keep an eye out for these mutherfuckers . They’re a symbol of progress, standing tall in the heart of the Delta.  

What you think about these giants ?

Meeting Ms. Charlotte Taylor: A Day to Remember 

  The night started off like any other, but it quickly turned into something magical when I met Charlotte Taylor. I was there to watch her perform,  her style is as engaging as it is laid-back. She has this incredible ability to draw you in with every strum of her guitar and every note she sings.

To my surprise and pleasure, she invited me to join her on stage. Not only did she let me play a few songs with her, but she also graciously lent me her guitar. It was an honor to be part of her set, and the real treat was watching her in action. Her effortless command of the stage and her instrument is awesome.

 I had the chance to chat with Charlotte and learn more about her fascinating background. She is from Little Rock, Arkansas, she’s been playing music for as long as she can remember. It’s clear that music isn’t just a part of her life; it’s woven into the fabric of her being.

She shared some stories about her time working with a record company in Memphis, leaving a trail of musical breadcrumbs for fans to follow. If you dig deep enough, you might stumble upon some of her music scattered across the world.

Charlotte was incredibly encouraging to me. Her kind words and insights were valuable, and I learned so much from her in a short time. She even delved into astrology, reading my zodiac sign and making me laugh with her spot-on observations. It was a fun, that shit cracked me up, we was laughing so hard.

While she’s often labeled a blues artist, Charlotte’s musical tastes are far-reaching. She appreciates all kinds of music.  Calling her just a blues artist feels too narrow; she’s a versatile musician with a love for many genres.

I can hardly wait to see Charlotte again and delve deeper into her world. I feel a strong connection with her, both musically and personally, and who knows? Maybe someday we’ll collaborate on something special.

Until then, I’ll keep the lessons she taught me close to my heart and look forward to our next encounter. Keep your eyes and ears open, blues fans—you never know when a night of music might turn into a memorable meeting with someone extraordinary.


I Had a fun time at the Crossroads 

  Good morning blues people im coming straight from the heart of Clarksdale, Mississippi. Last night was a blast, you all missed a good ol' time, that was the VIP party for the Women’s in Blues Festival.

 Things started off with a shindig. The second annual Women in Blues Festival is set for tomorrow, April 18, right behind Lavon's Restaurant in downtown Clarksdale. But last night, we got a little taste of what’s to come, and man, it was so sweet.

  Now, you know a blues party ain’t right without some spirits. Clarksdales Cat Head Vodka and Delta Dirt Distillery from Helena got your back. They were pourin' the good stuff, and you better believe I was first in line. Over at the Cat Head booth, they let us mix our own drinks. I threw together some lime, lemon, and a handful of rocks. Dropped a whole dang lemon in there too. —Hell Yeah.  It's a blues party! 

  Tom from Delta Dirt Distillery brought out his brand new Delta Roots Bourbon. It was his first batch, and let me tell ya, that stuff was so smooth it disappeared faster than a dollar at a dice game. If you missed it, keep your eyes peeled come summer for the second batch.

  But let's get to the funky stuff—the music. Angel and Cashes Juke Joint Duo started off with some raw  blues that got things movin'. These two got  a chemistry that’s hotter than Mississippi. Then, the Reverend Slim stepped up with his bass, laying down grooves so deep, you’d think you’d struck oil. The crowd was feelin' it, swayin' and groovin'..And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, Lucius Spiller strutted on stage. That man sings like he's making a deal with the devil himself. Every note he hit was pure fire, and the crowd ate it up like Mama's home cookin'.

  Last night was the warm-up, baby. Tomorrow, we’re gettin' the main course with the Women’s Blues Festival. It’s all goin' down right behind Lavon's Restaurant, and if it’s anything like last night, it’s gonna be fire.

  If you're anywhere near Clarksdale, you best get down here. The music, the drinks, the people—it’s all part of the magic that makes this place the home of the blues.

Have you ever been to Clarksdale ?

Hit the Road Jack  

Good Morning Blues people . 72 degrees today. No reason not to go out for my morning walk. Nothing too exciting today. So I grabbed my walking stick and got busy. 

  I've been down this road many times, not much has changed. But I do see dump trucks passing by on the road. There's a new subdivision going in.  Greenbrier is a little community down the street from me. I hear they're building several hundred homes in that area. You will know that means they're gonna have to be a school somewhere and eventually I'm sure that these old country roads will have to be widened. 

   You can see the increase in traffic already. Out here on Swancott rd, but it's okay for walking. Kind of out in the country. I want to do two and a half miles today. 

 I had a talk with myself about drinking. Noticed I was drinking pretty good yesterday. But I enjoy drinking, especially peach Crown, that's my favorite drink and throw a little Fireball in there. Makes for a delicious drink. So last night I got my drink while sitting in the studio. 

  I'm enjoying my new Telecaster guitar.  I went back and played to a lot of old backing tracks and just stretched out playing guitar and enjoying myself. I think it was a good rehearsal. I didn't record it though. I'll record it the next time I do it. Why not?  

  I can see the marker down the road for three miles. I might start walking three miles instead of two and a half is not that much different. Might as well just add in that extra since I'm already close. I hear walking is good for you. I've been doing it for a while now. So I'll keep doing it. I think I'm better off doing it than not doing it. So I just keep going. I'm thinking about adding that other half a mile to make a three mile walk.

   I found out that my neighbor James also walks. I didn't know that until a few months ago. He said he'll do three miles or more. He looks at it like a job. What do you think about walking for exercise ?



Introducing " Jukie " my new guitar  

 Good morning Blues lovers . The other morning I was rushing and packing, getting ready for the festival, packing everything into the truck. I got over to the event and then realized that I didn't bring my guitar. Im like " Oh Shit ! I was so friggin embarrassed. I packed everything but my damn guitar and I hadn't been that drunk, I don't think so . But either way. Here I am at the festival and had to drive around 30 minutes to find a parking spot.

   Finally found parking and artist accommodation . I hated to go back to the hotel and I'd be late for my show. So here I go thinking about who I can borrow a friggin guitar from? I didn't worry about it too much. I'm sure there were a lot of guitars there. If someone would let me borrow one or rent one maybe. 

   On my way into the event I noticed a vendor on the street selling cigar box guitars and had a few regular guitars. One caught my eye. So I went back  When I came back. I asked the man to let me see that guitar. It was something unique about it. When I picked it up, I was surprised how light weight it was. It was a Telecaster squier simi hollow body. A unique guitar, I hadn't seen anything like that in years. I'm thinking that guitar is as old as me .

 He told me he put a lot of work into that guitar, new pickups and he wanted to take $350 for it. I said no, that's too much. I told him I needed one for my show coming up in the next 30 minutes. He said no he wouldn't back down off the price. So I went on into the venue. I talked with Mr. Big T Williams. Big T Williams. His show was after me.  T agreed to let me borrow his guitar. While I was waiting, I was still thinking about that. 

   I went back down to the vendor. I told him to let me play it again Sam. . I took the guitar and played it and I was impressed with how it felt. Mostly how lightweight it was and how all the notes rang true. He had done a fret job and set up on it. The string height and everything had been adjusted out. He'd done a good job on it. He's put a lot of work into that guitar. He explained to me about how he'd done the heads on it. And it became apparent he had worked on it. I liked it and I said well look. Let's make a deal.

   And that's we started deal making. wound up getting a gig bag and a little stomp box. That was so cool. I wasn't expecting that. So I named this guitar “ Jukie “  So I played the show with it. And it did well. I want to thank all of my fans who chipped in on it. Thanks for listening .

Juke Joint Clarksdale Blues Festival 2024 

  Hey there blues people, let me tell you about my time at the Juke Joint festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi this year. It was a bitch of a journey, starting with a rainy drive out of Alabama that tested my patience, but oh boy, was it worth it in the end.

  When I rolled into Clarksdale, the rain clouds moved away, and the evening welcomed me with open arms. The festival was sprawled across Clarksdale, and it was one of the biggest juke joint gatherings I've ever seen. People from all corners of the country gathered here for a celebration of blues. It was fun time .

 I didn't manage to hit up every spot I wanted to, but I caught some incredible shows and, of course, had the time of my life playing my own set. Parking was a hassle, but once I settled in at the artist accommodation near the old train depot, the festival magic took hold . Drinking that E&J didn't help any .

  I remember being whisked away on a golf cart to the Cultural Center, a venue with plenty of seats and a vibe that screamed blues. This wasn't my first time gracing its stage, and seeing Miss Tandra, the woman who runs it, was like catching up with an old friend. Her art adorned the walls, adding to the soulful atmosphere.

Before I took the stage at 12:30, I caught the act before me—a killer southern soul band that set the perfect tone for the night. And to my surprise and delight, the Blues dancers showed up, some of them even from my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. It felt like a reunion as they filled the room, grooving along to the music like only true blues people can.

But the surprises didn't stop there. Word spread like wildfire about the Cultural Center, and soon enough, the swing dancers joined the party. They came back later in the night, ready to dance their asses off, adding another layer of energy and excitement to the festival.

As the night drew to a close, I couldn't help but reflect on the incredible fun experience. The planners of the Juke Joint festival outdid themselves this year, and I'm already counting down the days until  next year 2025. If this year was any indication, next year should be even better.

So here's to the blues, to Clarksdale, and to the unforgettable moments shared at the Juke Joint festival. Until next time, keep the music alive and the spirits high. See you at the crossroads my friends.

King Biscuit Festival 2023 success  

 The King Biscuit Blues Festival recently took Helena, Arkansas, by storm, and oh, what a spectacular storm it was! The three-day celebration of the blues proved to be a resounding success, with some of the finest blues acts from around the world coming together for a weekend filled with soulful sounds and good vibes. Friggin mind blowing .

 Raindrops fell from the heavens, but they didn't dare dampen the spirits of the festival-goers. A little rain was no match for the determined blues lovers who had eagerly awaited this event. The beat went on, and everybody got down, proving that the blues is an unstoppable force of musical energy. Even the kids were jamming at the kids stage.

  After the long hiatus due to the pandemic, the sense of anticipation was on like neckbone. The festival was not just a musical rendezvous; it was a reunion of friends and fans, a blues family coming together once again. Visitors from all over the world, including the UK, Japan, and blues enthusiasts from different states and cities, united in their love for this electrifying genre. It was an international congregation of blues people, and the King Biscuit Blues Festival was their sanctuary. One bad ass get together .

  What sets this festival apart is its unparalleled ability to bring people together, to create an atmosphere where the love for the blues thrives and resonates. The festival's management and staff are an extraordinary group of individuals. Their dedication and passion for the blues are the driving force behind this annual extravaganza. They pour their hearts and souls into the event, embodying the essence of diehard blues lovers who stand up for what they believe in. Then the do it on the on the levee of the Mighty Mississippi River .

  From solo acts that tug at your heartstrings to massive blues bands that make your booty shake uncontrollably, the festival had it all. Musicians traveled from blues capitals like Chicago and St. Louis to share their tunes. However, the King Biscuit Blues Festival isn't just for the big names; it's also a platform for local talent to shine. This ensures that the blues legacy continues to thrive, nurturing the next generation of blues greats.

  I don't make these claims lightly; it's simply the truth. You've got to hear it from the people who've been there. If you haven't experienced the King Biscuit Blues Festival, you're missing out on a magical blend of blues, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories. It's not just a festival; it's a blues experience of a lifetime. Helena, Arkansas, is not just a dot on the map; it's a vibrant blues mecca, where the blues comes alive and thrives. So, we ask you, have you ever been to the King Biscuit Blues Festival? If not, make sure it's on your blues-loving bucket list, because once you've been, you'll forever be under the spell of the grooviest blues gathering in the world.

 See you next year.

Mark " Mule Man " Massey did a kick azz show at Sunflower  


  Muleman  Massey was an impressive show. At the Sunflower river blues festival, I watched several acts but the “ Mule man “ stood out to me. He had a sincerity and his ability to tell a story of how his blues came to be. He hired local guys to back him up, but it sounds like they had been playing together for years. 


 He had the ability to take the spontaneity and turn it into a well delivered show. Mule man talked about some time he spent locked down and he talked about how his mentor  Big Jack Johnson named him . He told some very interesting stories from the stage. 


   His presentation was straightforward. Not a lot of flash and flavor. But he nailed his delivery. Playing a guitar that looked a lot like mine. His vocals were on point nothing striking. 


 He played songs that were a mix of his original and a little old school still made for a great show. He's an interesting character worth checking out. 


  He was one of the highlights of the Sunflower River Blues and gospel festival to me. Check him out .

How about a Social Token FAQ page .  

  Folks ask me questions all the time about my tokens ,thought this FAQ page would help Check it out !  Let me know what you think . 

What does BVIP stand for ?

B.lues v.ery i.nvolved in p.romotion and B.lues V.ery I.mportant P.eople . This is Ric Pattons fanclub . Ric started building in 2015 and now has half million blues loving followers worldwide. 

What is a fan token?  

A fan token is a special coin that artists or creators make. When people like and support the artists, they get some of these coins. People can use these tokens to get cool things from the artists, like special merch or messages. It's a fun way for fans to be part of the artist's world! 

What can I do with social tokens ? 

You can use social tokens to get special things from your favorite artist, like music , pictures, merch or even virtual hangouts. It's like having a secret key to unlock cool stuff that other people might not get. It's a way for the artist to say thank you to their biggest fans! 

How long do they last ? 

Social tokens can last for as long as the artist wants them to. It's like a game where the artist decides when the game ends. So, you can use them and enjoy the special things they bring for as long as the artist and fans keep the game going! 

How can I get more social tokens ? 

You can get more social tokens by supporting the artist and sharing their music or Telling your friends about them. The artist might give you some social tokens as a thank you for being a superfan! 

Is this like crypto?  

Yes, social tokens are a type of cryptocurrency. They are like digital coins that artists create for their fans. You can use these special digital coins to get cool stuff from the artist.  

Is this like Bitcoin ? 

Yes, social tokens are similar to Bitcoin in the sense that both are types of cryptocurrencies. However, there are differences between them. Bitcoin is a widely known and traded cryptocurrency that's used as a form of digital money. Social tokens, on the other hand, are specific to artists or creators and are often used to engage with fans by offering unique rewards and experiences. So, while they're both digital currencies, social tokens have a more focused purpose related to supporting and connecting with artists and their communities. 

Can I trade them in? 

Yes, you can often trade social tokens, just like you can trade other types of cryptocurrency. If the artist has set up a system for trading or exchanging the tokens, you might be able to use them to get other digital assets or even real money. It's like having a special currency that you can use for different things, depending on what the artist allows. 

Will they increase in value ?

 Yes! If the artist or creator becomes more famous or their work becomes really liked, the social tokens they give you might be worth more in the future. 

What can I do with them ? 

 You can use them to unlock special content from your favorite artist, like exclusive videos, messages, or even virtual hangouts. Sometimes, you can trade them for cool items, like limited-edition merchandise. They're like a special key that lets you access unique experiences and rewards from the artist you love. 

How can I get more social tokens ? 

Some artists might give you social tokens as rewards for supporting their work, like sharing their content or attending their events. Keep an eye on the artist's announcements and social media to learn about opportunities to earn or buy more tokens. 

Is this legal? 

Yes, social tokens are legal. They are a creative way for artists and creators to engage with their fans and offer unique rewards. However, like any other form of digital assets, it's important to make sure you understand the terms and conditions of using social tokens and that you're obtaining them from reputable sources. 

What is web3 ? 

 It's a way for people to connect and do things online in a more direct and secure way. Instead of relying a lot on big platforms, Web3 lets people interact with each other and with digital things directly. It's like the internet becoming more about people. 

Are these tokens connected to the blockchain?  

Yes, social tokens are connected to the blockchain. A blockchain is like a digital ledger that keeps track of transactions and information in a secure and transparent way. Social tokens are often created and managed using blockchain technology, which ensures that their ownership, transactions, and rewards are recorded in a secure and tamper-resistant manner. This adds a layer of trust and transparency to the process of using and trading social tokens. 

How much does it cost me?  

The cost of social tokens depends on the artist and the specific situation. Some artists might give their social tokens for free as a special gift to their fans. Others might ask you to buy them using real money. It's like buying a ticket to a fun event or a cool item from a store. So, some social tokens might be free, and some might have a cost, but it all depends on what the artist decides. 

What problem does this solve ? 

Social tokens are like special coins that artists create. They help artists and their fans become even better friends. The coins can be used to get cool things from the artist, like special pictures or messages. This makes fans happy and helps artists do more fun things with their music. So, social tokens make fans and artists super happy and close! 

Why would anybody want to do this?  

People use social tokens to feel closer to their favorite artists, get special things they love, and support the artists they enjoy. It's like being part of a fun club where you get cool rewards and help the artists do more of what you love. 

What are the artists rewarding with their social tokens ? 

Artists reward you with social tokens for being a supportive fan. This could mean things like sharing their music, talking about them online, attending their shows, or just being a loyal listener. The tokens are a way for artists to say "thank you" and give you special treats or experiences in return for your support and love for their work.

Working on a book ! Another chapter . What do you think ? 


Chapter Title: "Everybody is a Promoter”

 We might not always realize it, but we promote all day, everywhere we go. It's in our nature - we promote ideas, our beliefs, and our favorite things. But what if we could turn that everyday promotion into some money ?

  In the marketing world, it's called word of mouth advertising. We're like walking billboards, spreading the word about things we love. But here's the thing - not all the things we promote benefit us. That's where BVIP tokens comes in.

  I believe in the power of my fans, and I've flipping the script on promotion. BVIP artists are all about rewarding fans for doin' what they're already doin' - promoting' the music they love! Imagine that - getting' rewarded by the artists you promote. It's a win-win situation.

   With the advent of WEB3 and social tokens, we're making the impossible possible. Now, you can be rewarded by the artists and musicians you support. Think 'about it - every time you talk about that awesome concert you went to or talk about that new song that's stuck in your head, you're promotin' that artist. And guess what? With BVIP tokens, that promotion pays off!

  But it ain't just any ol' promotion - we're all 'about focus and organization. We want our fans to have a clear purpose in their promotion. That's why we use the BVIP Hit Cycle, droppin' fresh records every month, and fans get to be part of that magic.

  With WEB3 technology, it's easier than ever to understand and take advantage of the rewards we offer. Imagine a world where your passion for music and support for artists is recognized and appreciated. So here's to everybody bein' a promoter - promotin' the music, the joy, and the community we love. BVIP tokens are a movement that puts the power in the hands of the fans taking it back from the platforms.

  We're rewritin' the rules of promotion and usherin' in a new era of music appreciation. So join us, my fam, in this web3 adventure, where everybody's a promoter, and everyone's a winner.  Let's do this!  Claim some tokens and get started . What do you think ?