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Love is being trustworthy, Love is happiness
love is kindness long suffering, Love is doing yo best
love is washing up a full sink of dishes , like cotton candy
Love is rough, Cant get enough , Love is all that too

Love is X3

love is getting rid of your fake friends, sex all over the house, love is painful, warm back rubs,Being quick to forgive,
love is too damn expensive, Giving all you can give,
love is a Warm Gun, forgiving, Love Is, Love is all that too

Love is X3

Love is rest and repeat, Love Is Me, Love Is You,
Love is fresh breath, strawberry pies, Got some in my eye,
love is a shave face,rubbing butt naked back-to-back,
love is up, love is being safe with this virus, It aint letting up
love is eating that pie, All about yo neighbor.Love makes me cry

Love is Love is Love is

Love is being in the Blue's Room, kissing at midnight,
love is a four-letter word, Sweetest i've ever heard
love is being freaky, love is compassionate,
love is loyalty, patience, I love the sky,
love is like a hard dick it hurts, Love me head to toe
love is acceptance , love is happy, Cant find no more
Ric L. Patton 4.4.20