My life is my mirror

The way I live, is my message to the world, it is no one else's damn business what I do. It's my personal message, and no one else can deliver the same message . I believe that by living my life and staying close to my deepest values, That my life will be a reflection of that. And it's no one else's business .

I believe that an individual life can be and is a powerful force in the world. Sometimes it's a force for good and sometimes is a force for evil. Big mama used to always say, "what you are is talking so loud that I cannot hear what you say."

It seems that in today's world there is a great disconnect between what people say and what they do. That's bullshit, It seems like telling a lie is acceptable. Or not to commit is acceptable. But we all know down inside the truth. And that truth is. My life and your life are mirrors of what we feel . Ain't that some shit?

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