Yamaha QY 100 Transcriber at work drive slow

  Transcribers amaze me. These dudes can slow the world down to the beat and then write that beat down on paper. I always found that to be and awesome skill. I never met a drummer who does that until Pork Chop. I got an old song that my band does that's one of those songs that you want to get right so he listens and writes a chart out for the whole song drum lines. I told him that we need to put this into the QY 100 sequencer and then we could hear it measure by measure and beat by beat as well as see it on paper . So here we go it took 20 minutes just to input 2 measures without the instruction manual . So we download the manual and it helps out a bit. we did finally get in a version and listen to a playback  It was fun and educational . Pork Chop said, " Wow that QY 100 is powerful , Now what you gonna do with it? " I said play the blues .

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