welcome Drummer Pork Chop to the Cbone Reunion Experience

  I nick name folks that hang around the band. This cat I met a few years back and managed to keep him on my rolodex. He is from upstate Detroit area. He says he could hear Motown in the air when was coming up . I met him at Bridgestreet Town Cntr and he impressed me . I told him that someday I may call him if i needed a drummer to set in and finally the day has come . I noticed that last week he came out to watch my street show just to get a feel for my music and he also brought a friend along to sit on bass . It was loads of blues fun. 

  I got rained out of my Bridge Street show last Sunday evening and decided to go downtown . Well here he comes with his drumsticks and starts to play a street light symphony on the light post and the bricks and the chainlink fence . We had a really fun time busking downtown in Quigley District .

 I called Mac B and  told him that this dude is really checking out this Blues gig I think we should call him Pork Chop. Ladies and Gentlemen lets welcome PorkChop to the stage. Its time for the New ChickenBone Reunion Experience.




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