The band is gearing up for a early spring reunion. The next BIG show is set for the 15th of FEB. Its a valentine theme show . I got the idea to actually offer some gifts to the ladies who join the fanclub this weekend. Its always fun to see the girls get into the blues ,and with this being the love month . I bet they will have more blues than normal. the band has had a few days off and these guys are ready for some action. 

  Looks like a couple of big clubs are closed down around Huntsville for remodeling . I'm seeing new faces everywhere i go . I'm planning to update my database and keep tighter connection with our fans, I'm working on a system to make it easy to follow up and to get into  the fanc lub. Ill be doing some experimenting this weekend with e the 100 Blues women idea. Just have to see what happens Hsv is a funny town .


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