Tub Player to the rescue

  We had a blast at SUDS last night . It started off as a slow show, its always fun trying to get into the groove with folks. The blues music has a way of telling a story knowing that someone in here will connect with it. I was doing my standards when all of a sudden my home boy walked in the room, I called out ,”Tub Love , Is in the house ladies and gentlemen”. He came up and played some tub and it just  woke the room up. Some white lady and her fella started dancing and another man grabbed the washboard and from then on it was all buck wild Delta style boogy.

  I met this guy from Vegas he said he was here passing thru, he worked with the airlines and was all over the world from time to time. He said he loved my show and threw me a really nice tip. He made me think about my merchandise line. I got to start putting out more merchandise and keep it out just for tourist folks like him. I met another cool dude, Cw was his name he had a really pretty girl with him. I invited them to my other shows; All in all it was a pretty cool show. But I’m determined to make it even better. 

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