The end of the Internet

I had a great Father's Day. My daughter got me this new iPhone six. I'm actually using it right now to make this post. It is really mind blowing to be able to make this post with this thing in the palm of my hand. Back in 2001I can remember sitting in a room smoking boat and talking with some musicians about this thing called the Internet. They were all confused about just what affects it would have long range on that music. Most of the people in that room all dead now. I am one of the few that have had a chance to see the beast that was coming that way. Seems to me, that the beastbrought some good and some bad. The good is it is actually possible to disseminate music and information World wide as a self published author. The bad, is that the highway is so crowdedin order to break through the clutter it requires cutting age work, something very different, something realto cut through all the imagination. I don't mean to be boring here, but I do want to talk about just how far and how fast things have changed in just a few years. Is worth it if we all take just a little time to think about what has happened and what can we do with where we are now.



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