The Blues Room for real under construction

  Good morning, the sky is blue again. It has been raining since last night. But I know that underneath all the clouds that the sky is still blue. Still cold here in Alabama, but I guess that's normal for this time of year. been working in the old house some this morning. Got it coming along pretty good now. Finally got it clear enough to walk around inside. I got a lot of old boxes thrown away. old furniture that didn't have any more use. And clear enough to see around inside. Hopefully the raccoons and the snakes won't try to move back in this spring. I would like to open up and turn it into another blue's room soon, and do some musical things outdoors in the front yard. I know my folks would like to see that, and it gives me something to do. I wound up taking the ceiling out totally. And stripping the walls down to the bare wall. That old wood does look good. I think I'd like to leave it like that so the old wood shows.


That old house has been sitting here a long time my grandfather and grandmother built it back in the 1940’s. The lumber that is used in this house is really hard. Sometimes it's hard to even drive a nail. I'll start using it soon to periscope from there . To get out of the van for a while. the Blue's Room is under construction. Got any ideas for it ?


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