Thanks MsBiscuithead for a great Christmas Show

I’d like to thank Miss Carla Robinson a.k.a. Ms Biscuit  for coming in to Huntsville to sit in with me on bass guitar at the Amendment XXI Club this holiday season. We played a show together on December 23 in beautiful downtown Huntsville Alabama. It was a classic blues show if i must say so myself. Ms Robinson is always a treat for everyone to play with. She was so different than playing with Mac Barnes , my regular bass player.

 Carla has a very clear and deliberate blues bass style, straight ahead blues, straight out of the delta region of Arkansas. She uses classic tones flat wound strings and even has perfect pitch .

 She was all dressed up for our Christmas show in her flashy Santa Claus sweater. When we did the Periscope show live stream some of the viewers ,VIPs asking her to show the sweater . We had already played overtime and didn’t get to show it off .So I asked her to send me a pic of  that fancy blues sweater because we don’t want to wait till next Christmas to see it . And she finally did send us a clip . Check out MsBiscuitheads fancy Blues Sweater . What do you all think about it ?


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