Summer heat making everything hot

  I knew that she was checking me out . I didn't have any idea just how serious she was about it . My wife and her sister were best of friends and she used  to act like she as a singer and wanted to sing with my band , talking music all the time. I could hardly look at her she turned me on so bad . Just looking at her chocolate smoothe skin made my mouth water. She had a glow about her all the time . I had no idea she was a so HOt. I mean burning up..

  Well they all sitting out on the front porch and gossiping, and i'm in the house in the music room as always and in she comes looking like a cream puff , red hot pants an a little white top . She didnt wayste any time , the top just flipped right up and you talking about the blues. I said, "girl you must be crazy they can hear us in here," she said turn the music up , and we did.

  We turned the music up alright and recorded some moaning and hissing and smacking sounds on a track I plan to use on the next album. it all seems like a dream to me , like a blur, I lit some inscense and made sure the music kept changing up . This has to be the most amazing album track i ever recorded. 

  I realize its bold for posting it here but hell its my diary, its between me and my friends , I don't think anyone will ever tell . You won't hold it against me will you ?

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