SUDS brings the Blues to Madison again !

Big Delta Style Party at SUDS Lastnight

Everyone in the house was dancing last night at the SUDS. The bartenders even bust a groove or two. I added the laptop into the show and started playing some old school funky stuff.  The set started with James Brown doing  Soulpower and went on up from there. I even lit the fire a little hotter with some Prince, and then when all Hell broke loose.


  The Party people arrived from Va. Some fine girls came in dancing and doing all this and that. I just turned it up. They got on the washboard and the tub and really went crazy playing that old school blues Delta style. Dancing and playing the washboard like crazy and putting pics up on the Facebook. I even learned a new dance move where I hold the girls leg up in the air and hump while holding her leg up. Craziest dang thing I ever done.


  The regular VIP’s chimed in to help. Like STAFF members they know just how to get the new people involved in the Delta party. It’s always a blast the hook up with the old timers. Ms Faye came in looking like a leopard from head to foot. There was this cool dude named Mario the Drummer. He got a tub lesson and a washboard lesson too. He told me about this studio in Athens and just wanted to help all he could. True Blues warriors.


  Food was right lastnight ,Chris was in the kitchen on the wing ding and fries , I got  my regular plate and order of fries and them girls from Va. ate most of the plate before I could even get settled down to eat it , But seems like everyone had fun, that’s what it’s all about . They all say they will be back.

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