Street Performing downtown Hsv again tonight


 I get into downtown Hsv around 6:00pm for my show at the Amendment 21 club and find the sign on the door says 8:00 , I am confused because we already had discussed the schedule for 7 to 10. So I didn’t say anything I just went on to work out on the corner setting up . it was a good weather day and already folks are coming to check out the action . The patio is filling up with the walk by folks. Some folks just drive all way around the street looking for the place to park . Parking is bad downtown. And the elevator don’t work in the parking garage.

  Wow I see a new move at the 21 , there is a new bar sitting out on the patio and folks are sitting out and seeing that bar on the walk by . that’s gonna be cool. From the looks of things its gonna be a good evening.

  My friends and fans are starting to come in . I see  my friend my Natalie Barns come by , I got her to sing a song and it was soo cool to hear her sing. She got a cool lady with her too . I got her to sing one too. It was soo much fun. Mr Robinson ,the owner even got in on the action  with his bongos . Ive never seen a white man play the drums like that . We all had a blast lastnight. My friend Keith Devaney stoppen in and he had a really pretty lady with him,

  There were folks there from Memphis and New Orleans that got into the steet action  . There was a guy there named Mr Mann , he played the tub washboard from the heart . My friends were ther from up in Hazel greed ,Mr Rick and his lady . They gave me a nice piece of pizza. It turned out to be a really cool night at the 21.

  Mr Robinson was talking about having up back to play the entire band in the next two weeks. This is gonna be very interesting summer I can tell .

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