Still using CD's ?


  I been wanting to upgrade the show with new songs and get in more practice time and I know its not always easy to set aside the time to practice especially when we all think we are proicient enough to play anything . I feel like to get to the point of really pro it takes quite a bit of practice time . So today I compiled a set list of 12 new songs to introduce to the band . I put the tunes on cd instead of putting them online. I still play CDs at home and in  my car . Pork Chop uses a Mp3 player and Mac uses CDs . I was wondering just how many people are using CD's. 

  Im ordering a batch of CDs for sale at my street shows and I am gonna see just how many folks get them verses a download card. Things are changing and although we are playing old skool music we do have to distribute it in a new skool way. Do you still play CD's ?

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