Starr Adkins is Shooting Again


When I invited Starr Adkins to do this New Year show with me I knew she  would just blow my band away. Starr has been trying to put together a band of her own for a while now, but it is not too often she gets to play with guys like my crew. when she walked it the room I could see it  on everyones face . We all start giving the eye to each other. So after we found a few tunes we could do she grabbed the mic. and it was ON! 

  She is as close as you can get to a Blues diva as I ever worked with and it seems she is getting better the older she gets. 

  We found a few tunes we could do but there is so much more to get at with this woman . I would love to do a project with her in Southern Soul and Old School Blues originals. 

  I invited her to do a valentine show with me at the New Ebony Club ina Triana Al . I will be willing to give her a show of her own like a complet set or two for that show . I think it  is always a treat to have a lady like Starr to work with . Stay tuned ..If you know Starr tell me what you think about her show in the Comments below.


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