Shooting up the School, Wow !

 Good Blues morning. I woke up this morning thinking about the school shooting in Florida. That really hit home with me last night after missing Miss Bonnie in the Blue's Room. I started thinking about school teachers. The responsibility that they have. Most teachers spend more time with the students than the parents do. I thought about how important my teachers were to me.


 The children are our future. If the children are afraid to go to school. Then they miss part of the education. Even though they're sitting there in the class room. If their hearts are troubled and their minds are afraid. They won't pay attention in the class. there's no need of them to even go to school if they're not able to concentrate on the material. Teachers really have a big responsibility now days not only to teach the children, but also to comfort them.


 When I woke up this morning, I ask myself, what can we do. Well my children are out of school now. I have a granddaughter in school, but I'm not close enough to her to really know where she is or what school. But my heart is there with her. Not only her,but all children, all of your children, and your grandchildren. I think as a parent what I would do, and ask you to do is to pay attention to these children. By pay attention I mean lets really watch their moods. watch their interest, their association's, and most of all, let's watch what they do on the internet. I think we should be nosey and watch who their friends are. What they are reading and writing . Let's become really good friends with the children.


The PTA can be an important vehicle in helping this happen, the PTA parents and teachers can work closer together more than ever. Teachers have to signal and parents have to become involved. And if we see a troubled child,lets  understand where the trouble starts. We need to monitor the children. It's just a part of being a responsible parent or grandparent. Not only do the schools have a responsibility , but the community has that responsibility too. Lets create activities that allow the children to learn to socialize better and to share the stresses that our society puts upon them. I think that if we all work together as a community we can learn to find more peace, less hostility, anger, and less school killings.


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