Shit blew up lastnight

 I don't know what happened last night but things just blew up on the periscope. I had already finished up a scope earlier lastnight and I thought Ill just do one more for the low down folks . I was kinda sleepy and laid back and I started to play some old school tunes and they came in on me . I met folks from all over , they all got in the groove with me . We had a ball . I was introduced to a Bass man from up North he was on the way to Bham to do a show . I met some really cool peeps , they was all up mighty late. My friend LoveAlvacados came by to visit from NC . He is one of my pledging VIPS and he wants his buttons asap. They don't realize just how far behind I am with this new media thing but im still in the game . I woke up this morning with 66 new followers . LIke BooM ! I'm still amazed that its still real Blues fans out there who want to keep this old skool music alive . Its so inspiring to be able to reach these folks . Like shit just blew up !

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