That monkey done introduced me to this lady, she is drop dead gorgeous . She host a show called Kermit and Friends 5 days a week and apparently that Douche Monkey hangs out over there. I can see why. She also sings and plays piano and the uke. She even wrote a song about me. I hear she wants to have me over on the show soon . Dang I can hardly wait . I want all my fans to be watching when I go. 

  Go over to Spreecast and check out this new streaming media thing. It seems to be the wave of the future and we Blues people need to be up on it. Check out Ms Elaina Jordeana . Get your texing fingers in shape , we going to NY. The day I go on the show I would love to see all my friends and fans texing and getting involved. Lets get the Blues off on the goodfoot.

   What do you think ?

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