Sara ( Grace ) Weeks Alabama Blues Diva rising star


 Her fingers danced across the keys like they were possessed. Sara seemed to be really into the music from the first note, I don’t mean just listening, I mean she seems to actually feel the music before it’s played. It’s hard to explain. I’ve played with a ton of musicians over the years and very few folks can do this. The amazing thing about it is that she is just 20 years old. She doesn’t read music and actually plays from the ear and heart. She has an old soul, a new attitude and a bright future.

  I first heard of her from her mother who is a painter and studio artist. She told me about her gifted daughter and said she liked blues music. ‘Well I told her I would come out to see her show and I was impressed from the first day. I did invite her to come out to play with my band The ChickenBone Reunion and she was just tickled about the opportunity. She said she has a regular band called Old Nick and the Gypsies and would sit in with me if she didn’t have rehearsal that Sunday. It was a blast I must say.  

  Her mother and father both came to support her, and everyone there was really digging her .She sings like a bird, I mean for real, 3 or 4 octave range. There is lots of talent in Ms Sara Grace to be explored and developed. My band thoroughly enjoyed working with her and wish her much love and luck. She has a place right here with ChickenBone anytime she wants to stop in. 

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