Remind him of Robert cray ?

 A man commented that my band reminded him of The Robert Cray Band . I thought that was odd so I decided to listen to some Cray and I was so honored by the compliment. I had never owned a Cray record or really listened to the music. I was just blown away by the style. I have never wanted to copy any bands style or sound. I just always wanted to play the music, if there was any style to it , it just came out of itself. I don’t think much of competing or copying anyone. I just try to be myself .

  I was recently invited to host some type talent competition but turned it down because the idea of judging one artist against another just doesn’t work with me. I think every artist is unique if they just be themselves and that makes it impossible to judge and compare .  I’ve seen some good talented people get their attitudes of themselves tarnished by judges .

  Thanks for turning me on to Robert Cray .I love his work.

All you will ever see and hear my band do is all about being totally myself.  I try to surround myself with musicians that have something to say with their music. I am always stressing forget the original way and do it your way. Let your style come out. That’s what the ChickenBone Reunion is about.

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