Rainday Downtown at the Dog stand


 Its been a crazy rainy day. The weather has really been wet and unpredictable. It’s definitely not hot dog weather but I really would like to go out and get this stand established. I know that the more folks see it the better for it. Lots of folks don’t know what to think yet.

  I’m getting to meet regular customers. Most of the regulars are workers in the downtown area. Some of them are from the courthouse and some from the office buildings in the area, janitors and maintenance workers. The taxi drivers and bus drivers have been giving them a try too. I’m even getting some word of mouth customers.

 It started off to be a dry day between showers but that didn’t last for long before the rain came in again. There was some guy  outside the club 21 was  playing the blues for a while. Wasn’t long before his regular musicians came in.  Then the rain just came pouring down.  

   Kim came by to visit and talk about how she could help roll out the band and promote. She said she would help with the fan club. We definitely need help with building up the fan base. It was an interesting  interview until the rain came in and put the fires out. We had to go over to the club next door just to get out of the rain. We’ll  call it a day and try it again next time.


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