Power couple of Huntsville AL , " Proctor Power "

  When I arrived into the downtown Huntsville entertainment district with the HotDog cart I knew it was gonna take some help to get this thing going. Lots of my friends talk a good game and offer plenty of ideas and that is cool , but sometimes it takes a little sweat to make things happen. I called Pete and told him I need a hand to set up and BANG ! 

  Pete is so creative that I take notes anytime i'm around him. He gave me so many useful ideas I started putting them into the buns . Ms Margaret had all she could stand and rolled up her sleeve and told us boys to step back and let her show us how this is done. She even got a special way she serves up the doubles. The customers were laughing and having so much fun . It was unreal how much positive vibes came from being around this couple. 

 I meet lots of people in my line of work , playing music and running a Hot Dog cart , and believe me when I say some folks stand out from the rest . Peter and Margaret Proctor get my vote for the power couple of Huntsville Al.  Bless them and Keep them strong. We need couples like this in the world.

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