Periscope is dope or Blues hope

  I been playing around on this new Periscope streaming thing. Its really cool how it gets out all over the globe. Iv'e met some really cool fans from playing around with it . I told some of my early fans that I was working on a song called 10000 Hearts to celebrate hitting the mark and they all started to actually help to reach it. So off we go into the studio . 

  This time i'm using the college at Calhoun in Decatur, These are audio engineering students that study recording. I like to expose them to Blues music so they can get a taste of it. They really can benefit from the experiments so I guess i'm their Blues guinne pig. We lay down a couple tracks each class period and the instructor Mr. Matt Westmyier goes over each step by step with his class. Its cool to watch the students get involved in recording it . Some of them are actually good little new generation engineers. This is a video clip i posted on the Periscope showing the class in action . Check this out !

  We are only doing a track or two at a time so its gonna take a few weeks to finish, but come back and check it out , Ill post the music here  so you can hear the project, Or better yet, subscribe to my mail list and i'll notify you when its finished.


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