Peavey Acoustisonic Speaker Repair using gaffers tape works just fine

  Sometimes I get compliments on the great tones I get from my old Peavey Acoustisonic amp. I've had that amp for around 10 years and its has been through a lot of abuse. I use it in all kinds of weather conditions from rain to hot summer sun and it keeps on going. One time years ago I  noticed that it had something loose inside and I found the magnet had fell out and bust a big hole in the speaker . Well that's a shame to trash it and its too old to replace the speaker so I thought I would just patch the speaker with some tape and see what happens. I glued the magnet back in and patched the hole on both sides with gaffers tape and was amazed that it quieted down and went back to work. I used it like that for several more years and one day i noticed the tape coming loose so this time I put some aluminum tape on the hole and it worked just fine again.  Gives a little grit to the sound. Any of you blues guitar fans that want to to get that tone , that's what it comes from . Have you ever patched a speaker before ? How did yours come out?

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