Nick No leg Bass Player

  I've always been a Son Seals fan , At on time Son had a bass player with no legs or one leg . The roadie set up two bails of hay in a stack and propped him up on it and he jammed all night . He seemed to enjoy the entire show . One thing for sure he wasn't going anywhere till the show was over . I was laughing at how cool that was . 

  One night I was busking downtown Hsv and up rides this dude and joined right into the set . He said his name was Nick the bass man . I asked where was his rigg ,he explained to me how he could strap that amp to his motorized chair and lay the bass accross across the arms and come to the show , I said damn, that's creative as hell , but can you play ? He said he will prove it to me soon . I can hardly wait . 

  Today I opened up the Hot Dog cart early , in time for the arts stroll and look who stopped in , Nick, He said , now that he has found the blues man again he will drop in soon with his  bass suprise . Ya'll got to see this.

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