New Podcast coming soon " Blues Gone Deep "

  I’ve been thinking lately about doing another podcast. This time I’d like to do a podcast around the Blues Room. The most interesting thing that I find about being involved in the Blues Room are all the people who come in and out. Over the last year or so  I’ve met some real characters. People that I think are the real stars of the Blues Room, even more so than the music. I know that is unusual to focus on the fans but I believe that by doing so the real beauty of the music will come out.


What is interesting about Periscope is that we see the comments on the screen but we don’t know the person behind the comment. I don’t know a better way to know these fans other than to and give them an opportunity to let us know them. So I’ll be asking some people from the Blues Room to come and be a guest on my new podcast called “Blues Gone Deep”


 I called Dennis Ruley this morning to ask if he would be willing to be a guest on the show. I chose Dennis because he has been the most active promoter that I have found in my group. Dennis also wrote a song for us during the Christmas holidays that was pretty catchy. He seems like a real interesting character..I also called Tastee Shay. Shay, The two headed woman from Houston. Shay has always been a beautiful character in the Blues Room. Her comments are so colorful and her personality seem so bubbly, I’d like to try to capture it in an interview so I’ll called her today. She told me she would be willing to do the interview. I’m  so looking forward to doing these I hope you’re looking for to listening to what they have to say on “Blues Gone Deeper”. If you have any ideas for the podcast or suggestions leave it in the comments below.


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