Merry Christmas !

  This is really an odd Christmas for me . My kids are finally all grown up and so far I dont have any little folks to play Santa Clause for . It a different feeling not to have to perpertrate and slip around and play games with them or myself. Im going out to the bar and sit around with all the other folks that got no real need to run home anymore. 

  I had a good friend and fan stop by the club from Rome Ga. He is a preacher and a good piano player too , we all gathered around the piano and sang some old hemns and Christmas songs . It was so healing for all of us. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and remind everyone what the day is really all about. I don't think iv'e heard anything about my brotha JESUS during the whole season. But when Rev Dodson came in to visit it was like putting everything back in perspective .Its been a cold day and tonight its warming up with friendship and chilling with old friends at SUDS

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