Mary Mason moving to the front

  I’ve been thinking about Ms. Mary Mason lately. She called me a couple days back wanting to get together and do a project of some kind. She is tired of going around in the same old circles down in Florence Al. Mary says there are not a lot of places to play  down there and she wants to play more on a regular basis  around the area.

  Don Matthews ran a recording studio out in Sheffield Al back in 2000. I remember hearing the name Mary Matthews talked around but I never heard her work back then. Her friend, (promoter) Debbie Dixon had a benefit and I got a chance to hear her for just a little and I was pleased at what little I did hear. She doesn’t seem to have much online that I could find   that really represents her abilities.

   Have you ever heard Mary Mason show. I would like to hear what you thought of her style and her potential as soul artist .  Leave your take in the comments below.

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