Lowe Mill Concert on the Docks !

  we had a blast out at the mill last friday night. It was my first time going to a show at the docks , usually im performing somewhere else and dont get a chance to make it . The folks there really do a great job with set up and accomidatons and everything. I was impressed with how well the handle things . Evan was the head guy in charge and he was so easy to deal with . We even had a chance to eat before the show at on of the little cafe places there , I think it was called the Happy  Belly or something like that . The food was good. 

  I am always so critical of sound and stage set u and stuff like that since i have to do my own road mgr for now. the Mill folks just jumped right into it . You can tell that they do it every week. The fans that come there actually come prepared to see a good show . They bring all their lawn chairs and their beer coolers  and cameras and blankets . Its really a lot more organiced than i thought . I would love to play there again and would recommend it to anyone looking for a night out. Check our Lowe Mill.

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