Looking in the mirror

 I was street performing the other day, and I noticed a group of people walk by me with the strangest look. Some of them even turned away to avoid passing in my direction. I think they may have looked down on me. It's OK, I'm used to that. But it is interesting to observe. Sad. It's a sickness. Passing judgment without even knowing a person. I think it's call prejudice. 
Imagine looking down at a tree. Saying that one tree is better than another. Or looking down at a flower and saying that one flower is a better flower that another. Yet we do this to people.

  Treat each person with respect as an equal. No one is better than another. If you feel that you are better than most people, you have a problem. The rich and the poor have one thing in common, they are all created in GODS image. 

No one likes to be looked down on. No one likes to be talked down to. Yet you may do it without thinking. You treat a janitor differently than you do your boss . Education , job status , finance do not determine the worth of any person.

From this day forward treat each person you meet as an equal. Equal to you with kindness and with respect.

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