The coolest moment I had during the King Biscuit Fest was when I realized that Virginia was wearing a “Sho You Right “ crown. This has to be the coolest jester yet any fan of mine has ever made. She  actually took a Burger King hat and and turned it into a real Blues crown .


 I had noticed something on her head when she ran down front and set on the stage to participate in the show. It looked  like a goofy hat from like the price is right show . I noticed the hat but was afraid to pay attention to the details. We were outside on the sidewalk when Keith said hey look at the hat on her head and I noticed it had my name on it. It was so darn funny to me , it was hilarious,  I loved it .


They had made two of them and the girls had them on the their heads , Man I was so elated happy. It really did make my day. I want to thank them for being so cool. It made the  Biscuit all that for me. I want to thank them 1000 times over.They are true VIPs for life thanks again and again.  Keith and Jimmy and Hal and Virginia and Keith sister , and pretty , Thanks Swancott. I love y'all.


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