I bumped into the new monkey friend the other night and every since then everything been like BOOM ! Turned out the little farting monkey is famous. Folks all over the world and digging him . He's got the blues now because he came by and spent 2 evenings with us in the BLUES ROOM on Periscope .

  One night after the show I was checking out SPREECAST  and BLAB and look what happened. 

  Found out the Monkey is a part of a show like a reality talk thing with this georgous woman and this little funny dog , its an amazing set up and some weierd kinda set up . called KERMIT AND FRIENDS . its on a web platform called SPREECAST, it like BLAB  and Periscope but there is no app to download. Check it out. Find the app and lets GO ! VIPS UNITE !! Ill link the app to the backdoor !! Lets find that monkey !

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