Iretta & Johnnie B Sanders Gone Deep

Morgan Freemans place , “Ground Zero” was kinda slow that evening ,after all it was still early for the Juke Joint Festival 2017. Msbiscuithead decided to show  me to another place called Reds Place. Leo Bud Welch was playing there tonight . Leo was on fire. It was a friggin great Blues show. From there she took me to another small juke , I don't remember the name of the place. I told her I was hungry so I walked next door for some BBq and a cold beer and I heard the music inside the building next to it .

 When I looked inside the door I saw this couple Iretta and Johnny B . Miss Iretta was sanging her azz off and strutting across the floor while Johnnie B was spanking that old guitar and grinning , He has his hat cock to the side and for real enjoying himself.  I told Miss Biscuithead lets go over there for a while and check them out. Man they really did a good job of entertaining, everybody there was laughing and having a great time.

They put on a very real Blues show. Johnny B. reminded me of the man who play guitar with the Consolers who played guitar flat in front of him while grinning the whole time. He play a while with it flat then he would hold it against his body again never missing a beat. All i could say was Hell Yeah. These people sang the Blues for real.

 I didn’t realize what I had experienced until after we left . It took several days to realize what I had just witnessed. The best of the best in blues. These people are straight up, uncut, and in your face juke joint style mambo jambo . I love watching them do what they do and  I think you will to. Check them out when you can , If you know what im talking about ,  leave a comment below.

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