HSDS I got excited and broke my G string

Thanks to the Huntsville Swing Dancers for inviting me out to play again for their dance at the Flying Monkey . This was really cool because it was a blues dance and it had Mirowave Dave and myself both playing at the same dance. We use to call it trading fours . It was a ball. He played 45 minutes then me. then we trade turns.

   Its always fun to play for the dancers because they are amusing to watch trying out their moves . I was really taking away by one couple who asked me to play slower. I wanted to yell back at him and say move faster ! Some of the steps they teach these dancers in that East Coast swing has never made any sense to me . Some of it is just to rigid to play too. But overall I think it worked out. I even got me a step or  two in , It felt good to dance a bit. The girl that I danced with was so helpful . She was checking out my ole skool style and was coaching me along . It was lots of fun ..

 Later that evening when I got into my second set I asked for some participation and they got into playing the shakers and the washboard and the party really cranked up .They shook and danced their azz off. I got excited and pulled too hard and broke a G string and that's usually time to wrap things up.. The MC said i only had five more minutes to go anyway , let's just wrap it up . Man it was a ball. Thanks HSDS.  Hope to see you all again someday. Keep on dancing.



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