How To Get The Love You Deserve

I got a song called The Confession, It’s a song about stepping out with a married woman. In the song the lady was saying that she wasn’t getting the Love she deserved. Her old man was neglecting her and she needed to feel Loved. The song gets mixed reactions from the women because they can definitely identify with the feeling of neglect but they don’t like the idea of stepping outside of the relationship to get the Love that s missing. It might not be the only way to get that love but it was the way the girl in the song chose. It’s unfortunate to be in a relationship and still be lonely but it’s not at all uncommon. I think we all have a human tendency to look outside for the things we need instead of inside .

I have a system that works fairly well for me that gets me most of the Love I need. It starts by identifying the missing needs and make up your mind to ask for it. If it’s within reason I find most of the time we get what we ask for. Then turn up the Love you giving. It seems like the more we put out the more we get back. So if it Love we want back, it should be Love we put out .Try it for a few days and let me know how it works for you.


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