I got a call from Salina . She been working with me for several years now , she does booking entertainment for several clubs in Huntsville . She invited me to play at this new pace called Hops Wild and it definately was wild. 

 When I got there they were sliding big glasses of beer down the bar to the other end and laughing and just having an a damn ball. I was stunned to see people having this much fun in Hsv. The sound man set me up in the corner and did the setup . I started playing that low down dirty south blues and they all wanted to get in . I only had one washboard and shaker handy and they started shake it . 

 I could tell some of these young white kids had never experienced the Delta groove before , but it didn't take long before the got right in on it. 

 I told the bartender to hook me up with  something fresh for the night and he put me right on point . His name was Tower. He was a tall weird looking dude but man he knew his beer. I even met a guy there from another Brewery talking about booking me to play at their place. We had a Hops Wild time at the Hops wild . I hope they invite me back.

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