I still got both of my parents and they are changing right before my eyes. I've had to face some reality that I have been running from for a long time. I knew these days would come but are they really coming . Old man time slow walks you down , taking silent steps, and one day its here . You are older and you didn't see it coming . I guess its better than the other option of being dead . 

  Age brings with it some amazing and humorous twist. Everyone talks a good game about helping out but where are they ?  It has made me look into the future at myself. I'm planning now so that when i get old old i'm gonna have plenty of Crown Royal and Reefer  to get  me thru the pains and plenty of room for the girls to dance for me in my nursing facility. Ill have plenty of rooms available for you but you must make reservations now. VIP's Only .

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