Happy Blue Year



  I been busy writing songs and  hadn't took the time to do a post here . Please let me say from the heart Happy New Year to you. I just know that you have set your resolutions and made your plans to hit the ground running this year. I played a show over at the CopperTop last friday and night . I asked if anyone had made and resolutions and only 3 or 4 folks raised their hands. I dont think its as much a thing as it used to be , after its only cool to lie to yourself for so long and then you dont even believe it yourself. I tell my fans at the New Year Shows to just tell a lie.. and tell it again , before long you start believing it . I decided to release my music this year. Im  not waiting for a record deal anymore , Im gonna just ease into releasing it myself. If you have any advice and experience with this please let me know . I need all the help I can get . Lets get busy.

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