HAppy Birtyhday to me ?

 My Dad recently turn 91 years old. people have been asking him for as long as I can remember how old he is but he always gives them an uncertain answer. He's been doing it so long till I wonder if he even knows his birthday or how old he really is. He seems to know his birthday well. But the exact age he never seems to be able to recall . So I asked him one day while he didn't know how old he was. His answer startled  me, it actually made sense to me. He said, “ if you don't think about it it's just goes by “. Since that day I never made a big deal out of my birthdays as says if I could lose track of how old I really was. I don't know if its possible but it feels good to try. So today is my birthday and I would like to lose track of the number but of course it's hard for my friends and family to let that happen. So they wish me happy birthday and the greetings come in. I've gotten greetings today from friends and family and fans all around the world. I wouldn't mind doing what my father told me and try to forget the actual number. Maybe that can happen with time


 A few days ago on periscope I asked my viewers to guess my age and if they could, I will give them a raffle ticket. I told them that it was okay, there was no need to worry about hurting my feelings, they've been hurt so many times, that it wasn't much left to hurt. Some of those age guesses that came in really made me laugh, I've been called everything thing from a 22 years old, to 135 years old And that's all fun. They all deserved a raffle ticket as far as I am concerned.


 My son is 26 years old. He was  wishing me a happy birthday this morning and teasing me, calling me old man. I told him that it seems as if I have more energy than he does, which is true, Most of the time he's acting lazy, As if he's the old man. I don't know why many young man his age are so lazy, I tried to tell him the importance of staying busy and do things but he doesn't quite seem to get it, anyway I'm glad he did wish me happy birthday. And I want to thank everyone who has gave the warm Birthday greetings. But there's much more work to be done so let's all get busy and happy birthday to you too. When is your birthday leave it in the comment below!


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