Happy Birthday to me ?



 Happy birthday to me. Today is my birthday. I have been getting birthday wishes from my fans, family and friends. Some of them are asking me what I would like for my birthday. To me all I really want is happiness. And I already got most of that.

 I got a call early this morning from my friend in Atlanta Mr Beavers. Mr. Beavers is my old bass player. One of the best bass players I've ever worked with. He wished me happy birthday but mostly he was excited about working with a new rock band. I even got birthday wishes from some of my Blues VIP club members. Thank you all very much.

  I don't know how to explain it, but really I don't want anything unusual for my birthday basically. I guess I'm pretty happy just as I am. Gifts are nice, but not necessary for me. I really do feel good just the way things are. I'm glad to be here. Im having fun still working on keeping that Blues fire burning around the world with new music. Happy Birthday to me .


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