Got Covid 19 Blues, Looking for Leadership ?


  I just don't see the leadership. Too much confusion. People have talked in the news, In the communities there's confusion. The reason for the confusion is the lack of leadership. And lack of clarity. I'm seeing governors in different states using different policies. I'm seeing mayors in different cities have different protocols. This is so goofy.  

   I hate to be involved in such a goofy leadership. I think the main reason for most of the confusion in the coronavirus response in the United States is from the federal government. I have never seen such disarray. Seems like there's no one to hold their head up. No one wants to take the lead. No one wants to be the leader or maybe they do want to be the leader they just don't have the style. 

  Governor's in different states show more leadership than I'm able to see come from out of Washington DC . I've never been embarrassed  to be in America. The times that we're living in. We accept the confusion. It's sad. I know that as Americans we can do much better in dealing with this pandemic than what we are but it's going to require leadership to hold his head up more so now than any other time. I just don't see that coming  from Washington at the time. It's unfortunate.  

    I usually don't make political criticism post or statements but I have to say that it's sad because people are losing their lives unnecessarily .  

  Sure I know the pandemic it's going to do what pandemics do and the virus is going to do what the flu does. But I certainly know there are people in this country who can direct us all , people who know how to protect us all . 

  God bless us all and let's  pray for leadership.

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