Good Morning Social Media

Good morning,The sky's still blue. Guess Poppa been up all night, seems like it anyway. he's got more energy than I do although he is 90 years old. Dry cheerios all over the table. Gonna be one of those days I see,


I woke up this morning with Periscope on my mind. It's unusual for me to wake up thinking about scoping. But last night was so amazing. It really moved me. Over the last month we’ve added 500 new followers to the group. I wonder where they are. I don't get to see them often but last night I asked lots of questions and I could see some new people chiming in. Periscope has lots of possibilities with it. The most important thing it seems is to build relationships. Guess I'm kind of old school in my ways. I can make a friend at the store, or at church, or the club, but making a friend over the internet can be challenging.


I asked lots of questions last night. Questions like, how old are you, what type of work do you do, questions that give me a look into the new person. then I asked questions about the type of music that they like, and who their most important blues artists are. I want to get a look at what they like to hear from me or what they like to hear from the music. Times have definitely changed and people's taste in music has changed but it seems that there's a common denominator in blues music. I think Blues is the common denominator. I asked them what themes and song titles would they like to hear in new music and the answers came back all kinds of ways. I asked them about their emotional states, where they happy, and the answers came back in all sorts of ways. I guess blues music is the common denominator, it can be happy, sad and in between. That's a wonderful thing.


I'm working today to put together this email response thing so that I can build closer relationships with these people. I've been struggling with email systems for months now. it's different than my old school method of communication. Like I said, I'm used to talking to them face-to-face but now I’m in a bigger school, a worldwide school and I have to learn to socialize in new ways. Maybe that's why they call it social media. They provide the media, but I still have to provide the social. Do you struggle with social media if so, leave a comment below


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