Girl got all over me about Facebook!


 I was chilling sitting in the back at SUDS lastnight and a pretty thang came by my table to sit and talk to me . She said she had sent me a friend request or like me on Facebook but hadn't heard from me and was dissapointed . I was  stunned . I thought , How can a person be dissappointed about a hearing from me . I had lost sight of the fact that some folks want to know . Facebook to me seems so wide open to put shit at. I have never opened up that much of my life as to want to let lots of folks know what im thinking. She was really hurt because I was not posting every day or two. Dang i was blown away by how important she made it seem . 

  She went on to tell me how she was following another band or two and how they were using it to get messages to her and she wanted to hear from me . She actually made a comment on the last post that I made and I dont even remember it myself. 

  The world has changed a lot . It has given credability to a text message as a viable communication medium . I was still stuck on face to face but she open my eyes to just how important the cyber world has become to many . I made her a promice to open up more and let folks hear from me more . beginning Today . Thank you Ms Tracy Thats what being a fan is all about. Im your fan too. Is social media a big part of your life. HOw many times a day do you update your facebook page?

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