Drive a car or play guitar ?



 Folks ask me all the time about teaching them guitar lessons. Most think that playing guitar is hard. They already have an idea of how difficult it is. It's tough breaking down those bullshit ideas. 

  Compare learning guitar to driving in a car. Remember when you first learned how to drive a car. For a while you were with your parents. You would look at the driver and think to yourself, “Wow I wish I could do that. “ you had a feeling,  “Wow, I would love to learn how to drive. You were thinking, “ One day I'll be old enough to drive. I can hardly wait till I turn 16 so I can drive by myself . Then one day you were able to drive alone. Learning the guitar is the same way. One day you'll be able to do it well. It does help to have good instructors.  

   I hadn't been patient enough to teach anyone because of the preconceived ideas that they bring in their heads. Guitar skills have been made to look complicated. Record companies did a lot of work to idolize guitar players , trying to make them seem like they are GODS , More than what they really are. 

    I think six months of study is enough to learn how to play any instrument including guitar. What do you think ?

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